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Dallas Texas is the heart of the metroplex. With over one million residents Dallas is the third most populous city in the state and the ninth most populous city in the country. Dallas has become a leader in the business world making home for a growing number of S&P and Fortune 500 companies. Please take a look at the surrounding communities of the city of Dallas, TX.





Allen Texas

Allen Texas is located in Collin County and just north of Dallas, TX. Allen is a great stop for travelers that enjoy the outdoors, whether you want to visit the Tom Thumb Texas Stampede or stop by the Hydrous Wake Park at Allen Station the outdoor options are amazing. Being close to the Dallas area you can enjoy the nightlife of the city and the serenity of nature during the day.

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Carrollton Texas

Carrollton Texas is one of the larger of the Dallas suburbs. With nearly 120,000 residents Carrollton is one of the larger cities in the Dallas area. Just under twenty miles northwest of Dallas, Carrollton offers a great proximity as well as many of the amenities of city life.


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Celina Texas

Celina Texas is a small rural town in comparison to the other suburbs of Dallas. Like Prosper is it an open space with its primary historybased on agriculture. Only in the last fifteen years has the town shown great growth. It is the infant stages of development as far as cities grow getting ready to face expansion. With the city population just over 6,000 Celina is quite a small town.


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Coppell Texas

Coppell Texas is a suburb that is just over twenty miles Northwest to the city of Dallas. With a population of just under 40,000 residents Coppell is more known as a commuter city. A vast majority of residents work in nearby surrounding cities due to the abundance of work in the Dallas Metroplex.


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Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas is the heart of the metroplex. With over one million residents Dallas is the third most populous city in the state and the ninth most populous city in the country. Dallas has become a leader in the business world making home for a growing number of S&P and Fortune 500 companies. Not only offering a tremendous location for businesses to relocate to Dallas has become a place to call home for residents.


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Frisco Texas

Frisco Texas is a booming city of growth in Collin and Denton Counties. Located just under thirty miles north of Dallas, Frisco had become the fastest growing city in the nation in the 2000's due to the growth and shift of business to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area and relocation of numerous major corporations. In that decade the population had grown from just over 33,000 residents in 2000 to just under 117,000 residents in 2009.


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Garland Texas

Garland Texas is just eighteen miles northeast of Dallas, TX. Garland is one of the larger cities in the state of Texas with over 225,000 residents. Garland has many unique features to the city with numerous factors of the historical aspects of the region as well as the modern aspects of the region. The city continues to develop attractions like the Hawaiian Falls waterpark and the new 5th Street Crossing development combining many historical and modern pieces of the city.


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Grapevine Texas

Grapevine Texas is just twenty two miles northwest of Dallas, TX and filled with history. With numerous remnants of vintage trains, a historic downtown area, and lodging options, Grapevine is a wonderful place to live and for many to visit.


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McKinney Texas

McKinney Texas has been a staple for the Collin County back to the 1880's. Located just thirty miles north of Dallas, McKinney offers a very convenient location for living when working in the city of Dallas. McKinney served as the primary commercial town for Collin county for most of it's history and served as primarily a commuter city for those working in Dallas.


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Murphy Texas

Murphy Texas is a smaller suburb of the Dallas area. Murphy is located approximately twenty miles northeast of the city of Dallas and presently has 17,700 residents. The city of Murphy is committed to preserving the country feel the town has come to know and love.


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North Dallas Texas

North Dallas Texas is the premier downtown Dallas suburb, North Dallas has become the most sought out region in the city for people to live. With the closest proximity for Dallas living numerous business professionals and executives choose North Dallas as the place to call home.


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Park Cities Texas

Park Cities Texas just under five miles from Downtown Dallas Park Cities is the closest of the suburbs to the Dallas Metroplex. Park Cities is actually the combination of Highland and University Park. These two cities offer a variety of housing options for some of the most prominent housing options the city of Dallas offers.


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Plano Texas

Plano Texas is a continuously growing city and already is the largest city in Collin County. Located about twenty miles north of downtown Dallas, Plano has not only become a must see location for business travelers to the Dallas area, but it has become home to numerous top companies. With a tremendously convenient proximity to Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, McKinney, and the surrounding Dallas communities Plano has quickly become a convenient destination for a relaxing vacation.


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Prosper Texas

Prosper Texas has truly come to live by its name and has become one of the most renowned suburbs of the Dallas area. Just thirty five miles north of Dallas it has become home for many professionals who commute to Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and other surrounding cities. With a median single home value of $401,000 and a population of under 10,000 Prosper is definitely an upscale and small community.


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Richardson Texas

Richardson Texas could be called tech central for the Dallas area. Located just fifteen miles north of downtown Dallas, Richardson has become one of the most prosperous inner subarbs of Dallas. Richardson's Telecom Corridor is home to some of the world's largest companies in telecommunications. AT&T, TriQuint Semiconductor, Verizon, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, MetroPCS, and Texas Instruments are just a few of the major telecom companies that call Richardson home.


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Southlake Texas

Southlake Texas is the wealthiest of suburbs and is located thirty miles Northwest of the heart of Dallas. Since the building of the DFW International Airport Southlake has boomed in growth and now is at a population over 26,500.


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Wylie Texas

Wylie Texas is just over thirty miles northeast of Dallas, TX. With the city's history being primarily agriculturally based in Onion farming it was unlike most neighboring cities and continuous steady growth. With a population of over 42,000 the city is unique that it is a very community oriented city.


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